Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Really.... How Lucky Are We All?

Ok, so most times in life, we complain about how we do not have enough or we cant have what we want. We all do it, its part of life; after all we are human! BUT today on the way in to work, i really got a wake up call!

I am spoiled, I know it, those of you that know me know it.... and I am ok with it. I am thankful for what I have but I always want more. Dont get me wrong, my family and those around me that I love and care for will always come before MY wants, but I like things. Well, today on the way to work I saw a homeless woman and her 4 kids, thats right, 4! They looked disheveled and very sad. I stopped and gave them the only money I had. I am not gonna say how much. :) That is not important. Even though I gave them something to help, it wont fix there situation... as much as i want to help I just cant. I wish i could. :(

Anyway, I just wanted to express how humbling that occurrence made me. I am honestly going to try harder to be more thankful.... after all, we cant take "things" with us...

Stephanie :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Email.... Sent....

From: GOD
Reference: LIFE

This is god.
Today I will be handling ALL of your problems for you. i do NOT need your help. So, have a nice day.

I Love You.

P.S. And, Remember......

If life happens to deliver a situation to you that you can not handle, do NOT attempt to resolve it yourself! Kindly put it in the SFGTD (Something For God To Do) box. I will get to it in MY time. All situations will be resolved, but in MY time, not yours.

Once the matter is places into this box, do not hold onto it by worrying about it. Instead focus on all the wonderful things that are present in your life now.

NOW, have a nice day!

Jingle Bells...Jingle Bells....

So any of you that know me, KNOW I LOVE the holidays... especially Christmas and of course my birthday being 8 days before does not hurt. :)

This year we get to go to Sedona for the Light show! SOOOOOO Excited... whats even better? My best friend and her family are coming too!!

As the Bendel family gets ready for the holidays, we are ALSO moving into a new house! So, DOUBLE pressure. Ha Ha! The exciting part in that is we get to have the family Christmas at our house this year. Chad is especially excited for that because its his family, mine by proxy! I love them the same however. They are great!

Anyway, for those of you that are freaked out because of the stress of the holidays, remember what the true meaning of each one of them is. ESPECIALLY Christmas.

Love you all!
Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Its About Time....


So we finally go our new house!!! We are super excited! Yes Yes I know, its in Maricopa.... But seriously have you ever been to Maricopa?? Anyone that lives out there will attest to this.. ITS FREAKIN beautiful! Besides that we got a beautiful 3300 sq ft house for DIRT CHEAP. And, the value will only climb in the coming years.

So, I am only going to say this once....


Thanks and we love you!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chad & Stephanie

How We Met!
Married 10/15/2005

Chad and Stephanie met in May of 2004 and soon fell deeply in love. In May 2005 on our first anniversary, Chad purposed to Stephanie in her hometown of Chicago, IL while visiting her family. He stuck a diamond ring in a bag of red heart candies and when I saw it, he got down on one knee and purposed! This is proof that a proposal can be romantic even though it is not at a fancy restaurant!